How Does It Work?

For 20 months in a row I made 690 predictions that football matches would not end in a draw.

The bet I placed was a lay the draw bet and I aimed to get lay odds of 4 or lower. All profits/losses shown are based off maximum lay odds of 4.

Over the 20 month period I send out a daily email to subscribers, however time constraints means I can no longer do this.

I have decided to offer the process I use to choose the daily tips to you.

CLICK HERE: learn more about the process

Just do what I did

The exact process I followed every single day to select football matches from all over the world will be given to you.

You do not need any football knowledge, all you do it use the odds online bookmakers provide each day and follow a simple calculation to identify the matches to lay the draw on.

Can you make more money than I did using this process?

If you have the time or willing to build on these selections or to bet in-play then the likelihood is that you will make more money than shown here in these results.

Also, you can develop staking strategies to maximize profits. You can experiment for yourself by looking over every single tip I made over this 20 month period.

690 tips are yours to analyse for free.