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Step 1
Each morning you will be sent an email with the days football matches to bet on (normally 2 games per day).

Step 2
You place a lay the draw bet on the football match(es). We recommend the Betfair Exchange to do this.

First thing the next morning we will email you with the outcome of the selections we recommended.

That's it, pretty straight forward.

What bets do you place?

We recommend lay the draw bets. You will need to use a website that allows the lay bet. Betting exchanges such as Betfair allow this and Betfair is the website I use and recommend.

Lay bets essentially mean you are betting that a result won't happen. Therefore the bets we recommend are that the selected game won't end in a draw.

Any questions? Get in touch.

*On rare occasions there are more than one game and sometimes there are no games identified.

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